"Real women have curves."

I guess my fast metabolism and small appetite exclude me from being a real woman and therefore I must be imaginary. Yeah. I’m definitely imaginary.

I’m all for positive body image, but can we, like, not shit on other people for their size, fat,…

This idea that body positivity comes in the form of shaming others for their bodies is ridiculous. My understanding of body positivity is the notion of loving one’s body no matter its size, shape, color, scars, or perceived flaws. This idea of shaming others for their body size in order to make yourself feel better about your own just perpetuates this flawed system and instead of destroying the system, we destroy each other. 

I’m not saying that every person has to find every type of body beautiful or attractive or perfect. I’m saying that nobody has the right to shame another person for their body type, and that we should all remember that our words and our actions do have consequences, some we may see, and others we may not. 

Fat folks are not the enemy, skinny folks are not the enemy, folks in between are not the enemy. The system in place that teaches us never to be happy with our bodies is the enemy, and those who perpetuate this system are only aiding it.